Belfield welcomes Bottle Cap Challenge

February is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and UCD students are being encouraged to B Part of It by getting involved in the Ballygowan Bottle Cap Challenge being run by UCDSU in conjunction with Ballygowan Pink and the Marie Keating Foundation.

The campaign is being coordinated through the UCDSU Facebook page where students can enter the competition until February 18th.

“This campaign is basically a collaboration between ourselves, the Marie Keating Foundation and Ballygowan Pink” explained UCDSU Campaigns and Communications Vice President Pat de Brún.

“Since the exclusivity deal with Britvic was made, part of that deal was that we would work together and that we would run campaigns together for students. This is the first significant one after the pink flamingos [which] were put in the lake.”

De Brún highlighted that students who take part can ultimately win prizes such as iPods and weekend camping tickets to Oxegen will be awarded to the winning team.

The competition is currently in its first stage. In the first round students are encouraged to post a slogan for the campaign to the UCDSU Facebook page, from which five winning slogans will be picked. The new slogan must be less than 10 words long, must help raise awareness of breast cancer and reflect the ethos of the Think Pink Campaign.

The contributors of the five winning slogans will win iPod Shuffles and will then get the chance to then take part in the Bottle Cap Challenge.

In this second phase of the competition, the five winners will become team leaders and compete with friends, forming five teams of five. The teams will be required to collect bottle caps from ‘Think Pink’ bottles between February 21st and March 4th.

“Whoever gets the most bottle caps and puts them into a large structure that is going to be put up very shortly in the Student Centre over a period of two weeks, will win weekend camping tickets to Oxegen for the entire team” de Brún stated.

“I would encourage anyone to enter because the prizes are fantastic and it’s all for a good cause” he added. De Brún was hopeful that the campaign will successfully contribute toward raising cancer awareness amongst students. By encouraging more students to B Part of It the campaign aims to persuade students to Think Pink when buying a bottle of water.

“The main idea behind it is that it will promote breast cancer awareness. It will also promote people choosing the pink Ballygowan bottles over the regular ones because each one of those gives money to charity.  It’s good as well for us to get on board because


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