Belvedere College boys launch annual sleep-out

The boys of Belvedere College will take to the streets of Dublin today for the 28th Belvedere College Annual Sleep-Out and Fast.

Between December 22nd and Christmas Eve Belvedere pupils both past and present will sleep on the streets outside the Bank of Ireland at College Green and at the GPO on O’Connell Street to raise funds and awareness for a number of charities including the Peter McVerry Trust and Focus Ireland.

They will also be joined by a number of their teachers.

Miss Ireland, Holly Carpenter, will be on hand to launch the event at 2pm.

“I’ve known about the Belvedere Sleep-Out and fast for a long time and I’m delighted to be able to help out with it this year”, Ms Carpenter said.

“It’s great to see young people getting together to help the homeless. Homelessness is on the rise so I really hope people get into the charitable spirit and donate when they see the lads in town.”

All-Ireland winner Ger Brennan is lending his support to the cause and has promised to pay a visit to the sleep-out sites before Christmas Eve.

In 2010, the ‘Annual Sleep-Out and Fast’ successfully raised over €130,000 for homeless charities. The event has raised over €1,500,000 since the tradition began in 1983.

The participants hope to beat last year’s figure and urge the public to visit the sites at the GPO and College Green and show their support.

The groups will be based at both locations from 10am on the 22nd of December until 6pm on Christmas Eve.

Members of the public are welcome to help with the fundraising efforts and the participants greatly appreciate any support offered.

Originally posted at December 21st 2011


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