Seamus takes Mitt Romney’s campaign to the dogs

Across the Atlantic

The Dogs Against Romney protest movement has filmed a new video, reenacting the now infamous 1983 incident in which Mitt Romney drove from Massachusetts to Canada with the family dog packed in a kennel on the roof of the car, The Huffington Post reports.

Romney’s tale caused a stir among animal welfare advocates and liberal groups.

“We’ve always imagined how terrifying such a ride would be, but this video really brings the reality of the experience to light. The callousness — the cruelty — of subjecting a family pet to this for 12 hours, even after the dog soiled himself in fear, is difficult to fathom.” – Americans United for Change

The video was filmed from the perspective of a dog in a dog kennel on the roof of a car driving on a highway. A stuffed dog was used in the recreational video.

From theoldsole

Romney claimed the dog…

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