Wouldn’t it be Nice

I’ve dabbled in travel writing over on my other blog this year. I’m now officially moving everything to Strawberry Blonde.


Ah Jaysus Sharon

Earlier this year I found myself sitting on the sofa watching Monte Carlo with my mother. Yes, I know. What self-respecting 22-year-old watches a film featuring Justin Bieber’s missus? Well, this one does.

Little did I know that less than 3 months later I would be jetting off to the French Riviera with my own boyfriend (geddit? sly Justin Bieber reference right there) in tow.

Ryanair offer pretty decently prices flights direct from Dublin to the Cote D’Azur. If you want to fly in style you can travel with Aer Lingus, just be sure to book your flights before you choose your accommodation because neither airline flies daily. Once you land you can catch a bus to the city centre from just outside the airport terminal for €4.

We stayed in an apartment just east of the Old Town in Le Port. We booked with a little company called YourNiceApartment who manage…

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