Denmark wins Eurovision. Ireland doesn’t…

We’re not so sure we want to talk about Eurovision right now, but as you may have heard, Denmark’s Emmelie De Forest claimed glory in Malmo this evening, while our own Ryan Dolan finished last on the leader board.


“I’m the happiest girl in the world” De Forest told the press. “Not only for being a winner but also for having won here in Sweden, where my dad came from, he liked this contest so much. But he unfortunately passed away some months ago and couldn’t live this, but I’m sure he would have enjoyed this so much.”

We’re not usually one to get overly worked up about these things, but seriously Europe, what did we do? Despite a good performance, poor Ryan only managed to pick up points from three countries; Sweden, the United Kingdom and Cyprus. We think the whole thing was rather unfair. Ryan was never going to win it, but he certainly deserved to do a bit better than that. Even Graham Norton said so.

Anyway, Bloc Voting complaints (we don’t really believe in that to be honest), “they’re not even in Europe” rants and “we should just leave the contest” screams aside, it looks like we’ll be off to the other side of The Bridge next year, as Eurovision heads to Denmark (and deservedly so in fairness, Teardrops was some tune). There’d be bleedin murder on the Oresund Link if half the Twitterverse was there tonight.

Ryan himself, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to bothered about the whole thing. In fact, he’s already been on Twitter promoting his upcoming album. “Hey guys, disappointing result but I’m still very proud to hv gotten to the final! Big things on the horizon! Watch this space” [sic] he tweeted. Well for some, eh?

Here’s to you Europe: You gave us barely any points and called our Linda Martin a drag queen (It was pretty funny though, in fairness). Johnny Logan, where are you? We need you to hold us now…


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