One Direction sell out Dublin’s Croke Park twice in less than two hours

The refresh button was battered into submission this morning as thousands attempted to secure tickets for the Irish leg of One Direction’s Where We Are Tour at Dublin’s Croke Park.


Fans had been camping out at Ticketmaster locations across the country from 6pm last night, with the hope of getting their hands on the golden tickets, but many more logged on to the Ticketmaster website just before 10am. The rush resulted in an enormous backlog that allegedly left fans hanging by their computer screen for up to 25 minutes at a time.

One Direction had scheduled just one Irish date on their international stadium tour, but as the May 24th gig rapidly sold out, promoters MCD revealed that they would play a second night in Croke Park on Sunday May 25th 2014.

Parents and fans breathed a temporary sigh of relief as tickets for the second gig became available. However, the second night completely sold out within the hour, and every single ticket for the boyband’s Irish gigs had been snapped up by midday.

Tickets for the gigs have already become a hot commodity, with sellers offering pairs at exorbitant prices on popular websites. One such post on offered tickets for the May 24th gig at €135 a piece, or €270 per pair. Tickets sold through Ticketmaster ranged from €59.50 to €69.50, with specially priced tickets from UK group Live Nation coming in at €164.05 each.

The Dublin gigs will mark the beginning of the UK and Ireland leg of the 2014 Where We Are Tour, during which the group will perform at stadiums in Sunderland, Manchester, Edinburgh and London.


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