Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer protect The Family

I’m quite the fan of great actors and decent stories, so when I spied the trailer for Luc Besson’s The Family today, I almost immediately fell in love.


Starring Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer and Tommy Lee Jones, the movie tells the tale of a former mobster, who is forced to relocate his family to France after dobbing his former mafia mates in to the authorities.

I’m particularly interested to see Dianna Agron back in action too: I always preferred her to Lea Michele in Glee, and can’t help but think she was better off being pretty much written out of the show. It seems Agron’s in full flow as Pfeiffer and De Niro’s feisty daughter, while her crafty baby brother is played by John D’Leo from The Wrestler.

All in all, The Family looks utterly hilarious, but seems to have just the right amount of dark thriller style action mixed in. I’m hoping this one turns out to be a bit of a black comedy.

Sure I might even shell out a few quid to catch it in the cinema here in Ireland from November 6th.


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