7 Must-See Summer TV Shows: Breaking Bad ain’t all that’s worth watching

AMC’s last promo for Breaking Bad‘s last ever episodes dropped this morning, reaffirming our belief that this show is one you just cannot miss this summer, but it’s just one televisual gem worth following over the coming months.

July and August aren’t traditionally the best for new drama on telly, but with the likes of this lot hitting our screens, all that is most definitely about to change. So, without further ado, here are 7 shows you quite simply cannot miss this summer:

1. Breaking Bad – August
Forgive us for stating the obvious, but everyone wants to know what happens to Walter White. We don’t know too much about the series finale yet, but if Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Vince Gilligan‘s comments are anything to go by, there will be no happy ending for Heisenberg. And y’know, we kind of can’t help thinking that’s how it should be… Keep your eyes peeled for news of a spin-off, and if you’re really feeling sad without Breaking Bad in your life, there’s always the Spanish re-make…

2. The Newsroom– July
I cut my teeth in a real life newsroom so HBO’s fictional one is most definitely my summer pick (Sorry Bryan, you just can’t compete with Jeff Daniels and Dev Patel). There’s something for everyone on this show, from the current affairs junkies to the TV researchers, the romance lovers to the Jane Fonda fans. It’s smart, it’s snappy and it’s written by the man who gave us The West Wing. What more do you want? Expect lots of familiar names to pop up as the show heads out on the presidential campaign trail, Occupy Wall Street hits the headlines, and Will ends up with his foot in his mouth.

3. Dexter– July
Everyone’s favourite serial killer is finally hanging up his, err, instruments of torture, as Season 8 brings Dexter to a close once and for all. As with Breaking Bad, there’s been very little given away when it comes to Mr Morgan’s fate, but Michael C Hall told Entertainment Weekly that he has a “good sense of the [finale’s] broad strokes” and that he is “intrigued and compelled where things are headed”. He mentioned something about the serial killer not being able to live forever too, but we rather hope he was just engaging in a bit of trolling there now…

4. The Killing – June (You should be watching it already…)
Season 3 of The Killing (the American version that is) takes us off on a whole new adventure with Sarah Linden and co, and to make life even easier, it’s available to stream on Netflix almost instantly after it airs in the US of A. Sound. Linden’s been avoiding the oul detective work since the end of her last case, but when the investigation into a runaway girl leads Stephen Holder to discover a string of murders that connect to one of Sarah’s old cases, she’s dragged back in.

5. Supernatural – July
Ok so we know it aired in the US earlier this year, but Supernatural returns to Sky Living this summer, making the whole series a lot easier to keep track of. Dean’s been chilling in purgatory for the past few months, so when he comes back and discovers that Sam’s been leading a pretty normal life, it’s safe to say he gets a bit of a shock. We can never say no to a bit of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

6. The Walking Dead– July
As with Supernatural, The Walking Dead‘s third season has already hit TV screens stateside, but for those of you who don’t go mad for the oul internet spoilers, it’s airing on RTE Two this summer. When we catch up with the gang they’re trying to find a new safe haven, which ain’t exactly easy now that Lori’s very very pregnant. We’re sure the good old sheriff won’t let any harm befall her: I still see him in Teachers every time I watch though.

7. Orange Is The New Black – July
The last time we saw Jason Biggs he was… well, we’ll just always associate him with American Pie won’t we? He’s joining Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon (Donna off That 70s Show) for this brand new Netflix original. The show is based on the memories of Piper Kerman, a young Brooklynite who ended up in prison after her relationship with a drug runner caught up with her. Biggs is the fiance, Prepon the drug pusher, and Weeds creator Jenji Cohen is in charge of the tale. This one is apparently so good that they’ve already given the green light for a second season. Hemlock Grove, House of Cards and Arrested Development had best watch their backs. Catch all 13 episodes on Netflix UK and Ireland from July 11th.

Honourable Mentions:The Bridge (US Version), True Blood, The Borgias, Luther, Love/Hate (they’re showing all of it again on RTE)


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