Glee meets the Gaeltacht at Colaiste Lurgan

We’ve all done our time in the Gaeltacht during at least one summer, but the folks at Colaiste Lurgan in Indreabhán, Galway are teaching the nation’s kids Irish with a modern twist.

Yup, they’re using the latest ‘choons’ from the likes of Fun, Daft Punk and Anna Kendrick to get the youth of today back in touch with their native tongue. As one who utterly loved my time in Connemara’s Colaiste Chamuis (Camus go deo), I have to say, I’m seriously impressed.

Check out their fantastic rendition of Cups (from the film Pitch Perfect) below, and see the rest of the videos over at their YouTube channel. What I wouldn’t give to be back in Tí Pheadar Mac anois…


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