Gig Review: Michael Buble Live at The O2 Dublin

He’s come to Dublin to switch on Christmas lights and sit down with Tubbs for a Late Late chat of a Friday evening, but it’s been almost 3 years since Michael Buble toured on Irish soil. The Canadian crooner more than made up for it last night though, as he kicked off his 5-night residency at Dublin’s O2.

As the lights went down and the smartphones went up, the man who is more than happy to call himself Mickey Bubbles proved he still knows how to give his audience fever. A showman from the off, Buble sent the temperature soaring as he teased his fans with the old school favourite, before bringing everyone in the O2 to their feet with his smash hit single Just Haven’t Met You Yet.

Of course there was still time for jokes about his wife (She gets around, apparently) and impending fatherhood, but for Buble and his audience, it was all about the show. “In these last moments of freedom, before life as I knew it ends, I just ask that you give me a party, lets hang” he said. And a party is precisely what he got…

Read the rest of the review here.


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