5 Reasons I can’t wait to see Thor: The Dark World

One of the highlights of YouTube’s #GeekWeek, the trailer for Thor: The Dark World dropped this afternoon, and to say I was excited is an understatement.

I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I am a HUGE Sci-Fi fan, and believe it or not, Thor was my favourite of all the individual Avengers films thus far. Sorry, RDJ just ain’t got the comedy skills of a Norse god with no sense of propriety.

Anyway, the long anticipated sequel Thor: The Dark World is due for release in the USA just a week after my birthday on November 8th, but luckily lands on Irish shores on October 30th. So while I count down the days until the god of thunder and his mischievous brother from another mother (and father) return, here are 5 reasons you should be as excited as I am about what’s to come.

5. The Ladies
For the first time since X-Men, I’ve found female characters I genuinely like in a movie. Sure, I thought I was Queen Amidala back in the day, but jaysis, Natalie’s acting wasn’t up to much in Star Wars… This time around Ms Portman puts in a convincing performance, and Kat Dennings is instantly loveable as Darcy Lewis. I can’t wait to find out how Jane gets on in Asgard, and more importantly, how Darcy copes without her.

4. The Ludicrous Landscapes
One of the highlights of the original film had to be the Kingdom of Asgard. Sure, it was CGI or whatever, but it didn’t look like it from where I was sitting. The Dark World takes us back to Thor’s homeland, and it seems as though much of our time will be spent there. I personally can’t wait to see more of it.

3. The Link With Legends
If there’s one thing I’m a sucker for it’s a bit of mythology, and the fact that Thor borrows heavily from Scandinavian and Norse tales of old makes it all the more appealing for me. Sure, the sequel won’t exactly focus on that aspect as much, but it’s nice to see a superhero based on stories that have been passed down through countless generations. Plus, the whole thunder hammer thing is awesome…

2. The Leading Lad
Now, I’m not exactly dropping the ould drawers at the sight of Chris Hemsworth myself, but heaven knows plenty of lads and lasses out there are. As a fellow Sci-Fi fan said to me recently “I mean I’m not gay, but come on. Chris Hemsworth? Nobody’s THAT straight”.

1. Loki
Do I REALLY need to explain?

Catch Thor: The Dark World in cinemas across the UK and Ireland from October 30th, and in the US of A from November 8th.


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