LISTEN: Declan Lowney talks Alan Partridge and explains why Celine Dion is all his fault

As a proud half-Wexford girl, Alan Partridge fan, and Father Ted fanatic, you could say I was rather excited to meet with Alpha Papa director Declan Lowney.


The Wexford-born director is credited with bringing us a whole host of programming, from the earliest episodes of Ted to the Glastonbury Festival, Eurovision 88 to Moone Boy, but his latest endeavour took him to the big screen for only the second time in his illustrious career.

I was lucky enough to sit down with Lowney the morning after the film’s Irish premiere, and as we got talking about Partridge (I met Steve Coogan in London earlier that week), Martin Moone and Ted, I discovered that his passion for comedy is mildly infectious. We covered quite a lot in our few minutes together, and even ended up chatting about whether or not Ted would have headed to the big screen.

Oh, and as a devout Eurovision fan, I had to know whether he could ever be tempted back to the competition.



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