WATCH: Team Logan or Team Piz? It’s The Veronica Mars Movie

If there’s one US TV show that will forever hold a special place in my heart it’s got to be Veronica Mars.

Somewhere amid all the teen angst and glamorous drama of the likes of One Tree Hill and The OC (I have a lot of love for Captain Oats, Seth and Sandy mind you), Kristen Bell emerged as the teenage super sleuth who stole hearts with her wits, instead of her, well, you know where I’m going with that one, don’t you?

Now we’re finally getting our first look at what’s to come when the Kickstarter funded Veronica Mars Movie lands next year and I quite frankly couldn’t be more excited. It seems as though Logan Echolls has landed himself in a bit of hot water, and it’s up to his ex to sort it all out. Did I mention she just so happens to be happily dating Piz?

Who can say no to a good Veronica Mars love triangle? And haven’t Logan and Deputy D’Amato aged well? Check out the awesome featurette above to see for yourself.


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