WATCH: Hands up who spotted the Irish newspaper in the Muppets Most Wanted trailer?

This is the brand new trailer for Muppets Most Wanted and if you look very closely, you might just spot something familiar around the 20 second mark.

Those of you who were born and raised in Ireland might recognise that newspaper in Fozzie Bear’s hand as none other than The Irish Times – the newspaper of record as it’s known on these here shores.


(c) Walt Disney Studios UK

Now, while we originally weren’t 100 per cent sure that it wasn’t just another newspaper with a similar masthead (or some fake publication they’d created especially for the movie) it’s rather obvious at this stage that our beloved broadsheet has made it. And sure doesn’t it explain all that talk about the Muppets ‘coming to Ireland’ in the sequel to their smash hit reboot.

After all, we’d probably be the best ones to show to Kermit that being green ain’t that bad after all.


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