WATCH: Robert Sheehan goes Hungarian in the first trailer for Anita B.

From Misfits’ Nathan to Love/Hate’s Darren and even the Mortal Instruments’ Simon Lewis, Robert Sheehan’s had his fair share of different roles but now he’s taking on a totally different one in upcoming post World War II drama Anita B.

This first trailer hit the internet earlier today (kudos to The Sheehab and Showbiz Geek for spotting it) and gives us just a taster of what’s to come. Sure isn’t the rather talented Nico Mirallegro (formerly of Hollyoaks and BBC’s The Village, My Mad Fat Diary and Upstairs Downstairs) in it too?

Don’t expect to see Anita B. in Irish cinemas any time soon though – it appears that there’s only an Italian release date set in stone for now. Mr Sheehan did seem rather excited about it when we sat down for a chat during the summer though.

Guess we’d better watch this space so!


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