Team Sherlock drops teasers before His Last Vow ‘melts the internet’

In less than 24 hours we’ll know what is to become of Sherlock Holmes (or will we?) after he takes on the chilling Charles Agustus Magnussen but the team that brought the show to BBC/Masterpiece in the first place haven’t been backwards in coming forwards with one pretty MASSIVE teaser.

SPOILER ALERT: If you’d rather know absolutely nothing about what’s to come in His Last Vow then we’d suggest you look away quickly. Or y’know, now.

The TV world gave a collective squeal when the news of Lars Mikkelsen’s casting as Sherlock’s new foe first broke: This was the man who’d already made quite the impression in The Killing, so there was no doubt but that the delightful Dane would deliver. And if there was, producer Steven Moffat cleared it up quickly.

“Lars taped an audition and I remember thinking before I got through the first scene ‘just book him’. The moment I saw the tape, we knew we had something” he told The Mirror. “He had a tough act to follow with Moriarty but Lars scares the crap out of everyone.”

Well, that sounds ominous. Isn’t it just fantastic?

His Last Vow was debuted at a very special BAFTA screening earlier this week and, while attempting to keep things as spoiler free as possible (the Beeb apparently banned the press from mentioning a whole host of important plot points), some critics couldn’t resist telling the world just how utterly brilliant it is.

“Sunday night’s Sherlock finale is a scintillating return to form that will melt the Internet and drain the Monday-morning water-cooler within half an hour”, said Paul Jones of Radio Times.

And if Mark Gatiss and co. are to be believed, we’re sure it most certainly will.

HLVTweetWith promises of Seasons 4 and 5 still to come, we’re wondering who’ll bite the bullet before Sherlock says farewell for now?

His Last Vow hits BBC One on Sunday night at 8.30pm. See you on the other side, if you’re not still clueing for looks.



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