Love Rosie aka Where Cecelia Ahern’s Rainbows End

If you’ve been reading my blog or following my online antics over the past 12 months you may be aware that I was given a rather special opportunity to visit the set of Love Rosie – the movie adaptation of Cecelia Ahern’s Where Rainbows End – in Dublin last summer.

While I can’t say much about it, I do still count it as one of my favourite assignments, not least because I had the pleasure of speaking with both Lily Collins and Sam Claflin about the film and their time in Dublin.

The buzz on set was palpable and, if the teaser trailers are anything to go by, it looks like Cecelia is on to a winner.

I may have absolutely detested P.S I Love You, but I think I’ll have to make room in the calendar for this one. Especially since the whole thing was shot on our own shores.

Plus, y’know, chick flicks aren’t without their charms. From time to time. And don’t worry lads, you won’t have to sit through it until October.

Until then, can I get an “oohf” please?


It just HAD to be a GIF.


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