World Cup 2014: The Life of Brian (Kerr)

Superb saves, sublime shots on target and silly old Suarez may have been the talk of the internet over the past few weeks but if there’s one thing I’ll remember about World Cup 2014 it’s the creative commentary of one Brian Kerr.


Sky Sports screengrab via YouTube

The former Republic of Ireland manager may never have taken a team all the way to the finals but he certainly secured his place in Irish World Cup history with his magnificent musings.

Paired with Stephen Alkin, Brian hit the right note from the off. If he wasn’t talking about haircuts having a direct correlation to the number of and/or colour of cards issued by the referee he was entertaining the nation by bringing the games that little bit closer to home..

I’d be lying if I said I knew a lot about football but, having missed only three to four matches throughout the tournament, I think I’m well within my rights to say that Brian was the best man behind the microphone.

His tendency to, as one lad put it, “say it like he sees it” made the game so ridiculously accessible to people like myself and the mammy.

Before this tournament she wouldn’t have known her Thiago Silva from her Lionel Messi: We’d even been known to think Robben and Robin van Persie were one and the same. Then there was Kerr, making a hatchet job of the names and educating us as he went along.

And while some couldn’t stand the sound of his voice or felt as though his commentary was the worst in the world, Brian accumulated quite the following.

The matches we ended up watching on Italian TV seemed so dull without his err, wisdom. We were finally getting the hang of things when it came to understanding the more subtle rules of the game but found ourselves struggling a little without him to simplify things.

The World Cup semi final between Brazil and The Netherlands finally brought Kerr’s brilliance to the forefront. Taking over from the Apres Match lads, Brian and Stephen Alkin went to town and the country loved them for it.

Kerr was the toast of Twitter for much of the tournament and even national media noted just how well his commentary had been received.

TJ2 had been watching Kerr’s progress closely.


It wasn’t the first time he had appeared on the site either.

IndoKerr said there was talk of giving him an even bigger gig.

He may never have lifted the trophy on the nation’s behalf but you could be forgiven for thinking Brian scored a far more important World Cup victory.

Kerrful now.

Video via


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