The Kids’ Are All Right : Get Shorty

If there’s one thing I dread it’s shopping for clothing for my err, lower half.

My mammy says the girls in our family are blessed with thighs like Beyoncé’s, so we’re fairly fecked when it comes to finding comfortable jeans or trousers, and the thought of buying shorts has been known to give me sleepless nights.


I’m a size 8/10 in bottoms in most shops but when I tried to buy a few bits and pieces for my holidays last summer I was horrified to discover that every single pair in that size in Penneys gave the world a bird’s eye view of my arse cheeks.

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Sorry to be so blunt but it’s true. It’s nearly impossible to pick up a pair that don’t resemble knickers these days.

Preparing to head off abroad again this year, I naively ventured into town with high hopes of finding some comfy light shorts for my holidays.

I discovered that I’d have to either bare my bum in a cheap pair of Penneys ones that were closer to an age 10 than a Size 10, or deplete my already waning funds to cover the cost of a decent pair of small Nike Tempo ones in Lifestyle Sports.

Then, something amazing happened.

While browsing through the sale rail, I came across a pair of pretty much the exact same Nike shorts in a kids Size L. They didn’t look much bigger than the adult small so I decided to try them on, fully aware that I was risking bursting into floods of tears in yet another fitting room.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they fitted but were a bit snug, so I headed back out to have a quick browse in the kids section and came across a pair in Size XL.

Another trip to the changing room determined that these babies were the Holy Grail. The Kids XL was almost EXACTLY the same size as an Adult S, but around €5 to €7 cheaper.

I’ve picked up about 5 pairs of these beauties since then, most recently nabbing these gorgeous pairs in a sale at Grandstand Sports in Dún Laoghaire Shopping Centre for a delightful €12 a pop – that’s an €11 saving on the €23 per pair adult ones.


And sure nobody would even know I’m strolling around in kids’ clothes.

Just Do It is right.


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