Benedict Cumberbatch outdid Beyoncé on Graham Norton

Were you sitting on your sofa watching The Graham Norton show this Friday night? If not, you missed out on a Cumberbounty.

Man of the moment (when isn’t he these days?) Benedict Cumberbatch popped in to visit Graham ahead of the release of The Imitation Game next month.

The film sees Cumberbatch taking on the role of the brilliant Alan Turing and has generated quite the bit of Oscar buzz but his performance on Graham Norton’s couch (and studio floor) was equally award winning.

He gloriously posed alongside his waxwork.


There’s no worries about this lad getting too big for his boots.

And was soud enough to recreate THAT Oscars photobomb.


He also pulled off an amazing Jar Jar Binks impression.


Though it was nothing compared to the Smaug one, which struck fear into our hearts.


The look of FEAR in his eyes when Graham revealed they’d be discussing the fandom was priceless.


And those stages of sheer penguin-induced mortification were a joy to behold.




He was delightfully coy about those Star Wars rumours.


But it was his Beyoncé strut that stole the show.


Move over Sasha, there’s a FIERCE fella in town.

Now that’s what I call Friday night entertainment. Catch up with all the action over on The BBC’s official YouTube channel right now.

All screengrabs via BBC


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