X Factor Movies Week : A little less block, a little more buster

After an 80s week that was seriously lacking, the pressure was on for X Factor to pull an Oscar winner out of the bag. Unfortunately, Movies Week wasn’t exactly a blockbuster.


The evening got off to a fairly awful start with performances from Jake Quickenden and Only The Young failing to pack a decent punch. In fact, you could have sworn there were sound issues until Italy’s own Andrea Faustini took to the stage.

Despite giving a fairly decent performance that made us all sit up and listen, Andrea ever so slightly bored the audience with his big ballad routine. And when your clear fan favourites, including fishmonger Lola, aren’t doing so well you know you’re in trouble.

Even little Lauren Platt struggled to do an Idina Menzel with Demi Lovato’s version of Frozen’s iconic Let It Go. The cold clearly bothered her anyway and, as act after act failed to deliver, you couldn’t help but wonder if they were all feeling a touch of frost.

Our Louis was on flying form though, reeling off a series of factual observations including, but not limited to, you’re a living breathing thing that’s standing on the stage. He turned on novelty hero Stevi though, for fear of losing his bargain bin Blazin Squad.

Speaking of Stereo Kicks, they upped their game ever so slightly by partially brutalising The Beatles: An acapella performance certainly served to separate their wheat from their chaff as James Graham nailed the high notes in his signature fashion.


Elsewhere, Simon spent another 120 minutes telling Cheryl Fernandez Versini to pipe down. Now I’ve never been a big fan of her myself but the consistent belittling of the former “nation’s sweetheart” is becoming a bit uncomfortable to watch.


Is it scripted? Is she in on the joke? You’d certainly hope so anyway.

Of course, we can’t forget Mel B though, can we? She threw quite the bit of shade at young Jack and his trusty guitar backpack. You know things are bad when your own judge is having a pop.

All in all it was a fairly weak evening at Elstree. Until next Saturday night we’ll just have to let it go.

tumblr: sanfrnsokyo

Sanfrnsokyo via Tumblr

Who nailed it?

For the first time in a long time, not one of the acts managed to pull a thoroughly thrilling performance out of the bag.

Who sailed it?

In a rather predictable move Andrea Faustini took on Beyoncé’s Listen. Sure the lad has a phenomenal set of pipes but haven’t we had enough big ballads?

Well Jay James may remind Louis of a young James Bond but he’s no Adele now, is he?

Paul Akister tried a little tenderness and got it spot on. He was still fierce forgettable though, unfortunately.

Seems little Lauren Platt picked the wrong night to try and Let It Go. Doing the Demi Lovato version was the first mistake

Phallic punchbags and pseudo pole dancers were never going to give Jack Walton the Eye of The Tiger.

One woman band Fleur East did a four in one with Lady Marmalade. She’ll have one of those musical contraptions that allows her to play her own backing track too by the end of the series.

Last week’s hero Stevi Richie got Footloose, delivering a decent dose of cheesy entertainment that could take you right back to the days of Steps’ 5,6,7,8.

Bargain bin Blazing Squad Stereo Kicks finally managed to pull themselves back into the mix with a mashup. They really should have let ‘Let It Be’ be, of course, but their take on Hey Jude saved the day for them.

And then there was Ben Haenow, with a Pop Idol-esque song choice in the form of Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.

Who failed it?

Jake Quickenden decided to cover Patrick Swayze’s She’s Like The Wind. The viewing public were more than eager to put him in the corner, and with good reason.

It was a little less Fault In Our Stars, a little more faulty for Only The Young. Despite Louis’ best attempts to give them a relevant tune, their performance was more Boom Crap than Boom Clap.

And finally, poor Lola Saunders. Here’s hoping there can be miracles When You Believe. She’ll need one unless the voters get behind her.


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