X Factor Elton v Whitney Week : Stevi’s still standing


Not content with delivering just one bizarre musical battle theme per series, the X Factor producers played pop pot luck again this week and offered us an Elton John v Whitney Houston extravaganza.

It was always going to be a good week for the show’s resident divas, so it was no surprise that Andrea Faustini and Fleur East took to the songs like ducks to water.

Poor old Ben Haenow didn’t find things quite so easy though. The raspy rocker struggled with the big band last Saturday and delivered another rather bland performance of I Will Always Love You.

Never mind Whitney Houston, nobody should do the song’s original singer (and writer) Dolly Parton such a disservice.

The real tragedy of the evening was the shock departure of Louis’ boy girl boy girl band. Riding high on the success of Big Band week, Only The Young were in flying form as they took on Elton John.

Sadly, there was something about the way the public voted tonight and they found themselves out their ear. If only they’d dropped the ‘serious artists’ thing, did a bit of a Steps on it and let the blonde girl sing more.

Stevi Richie’s still standing, even after that so bad it was almost good Mummy meets Elton production.


Will he survive Sunday’s second elimination? Either way Stevi, the public will ALWAYS love you.

Who nailed it?

Dermot knew Andrea would just LOVE Whitney week. He came. He sang. He conquered.

“You ARE every woman”, Cheryl and Mel told Fleur East after she managed to fit every woman on to the stage during her performance.

It’s a long way from boot camp those Stereo Kicks have come. Clever sound mixing and some One Direction 2010-esque staging gave Louis’ octoband the boost they needed to bring home the bacon.

Who sailed it?

Lauren Platt. The talented teen was channeling Katniss Everdeen as she gave Whitney’s How Will I Know a go but she was ever so slightly upstages by her hip hop dancing baby brother.

Who failed it?

Oh wow Ben Haenow. I will ALWAYS hear you when you shout that loud.

He may still be standing this evening but chances are Stevi Ritchie‘s Sunday won’t be as sweet.


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