On a Winning Week


To say the past seven days have been utterly surreal would be something of an understatement.Then again, it’s not every week that a significant number of life-changing things fall into place in the space of 24 hours now, is it?

Let’s get a bit, well, nostalgic: For as long as I can remember my sole ambition in life has been to talk about TV, whether that’s in person or on TV and radio.

With this in mind I went to Uni, studied History, Politics and International Relations, won some awards for my current affairs features writing and pursued a career in entertainment journalism.

It’s been three years since I graduated with my MA in Journalism and in that time I’ve had the opportunity to do some incredible things. I’ve interviewed ‘celebs’ and movie stars, been sent to foreign countries free of charge and seen more free movies than you can shake a cinema popcorn (salty, not sweet, jeez) combo at.


And yet in the middle of it all I totally snapped and shattered into hundreds of thousands of tiny pieces.

I’ve documented my struggles with anxiety and depression in great detail on this here blog and that’s why it’s so satisfying to be able to write this post and to say I’m finally winning.

Earlier this week I was afforded to opportunity to join Ryan Tubridy on Tubridy on 2FM to talk about that little blog post I wrote: Y’know, the one about going back to work after mental health illness?

I was a little bit nervous about putting it all out there on national radio but it turns out it was totally worth it.

Tubs was an absolute gent and we seemed to spark quite the conversation off the airwaves. I’ve been contacted by so many wonderful people since I came off air on Monday: It’s utterly overwhelming.

In the midst of all this madness something utterly ridiculous happened. I came across that missing Lego brick I wouldn’t stop harping on about in January, when I least expected it. And y’know what? I realised it didn’t fit the bill after all.

In fact, that little brick had absolutely no possible purpose to serve in my incredible new creation.

And then – as if that wasn’t enough of a tying up of loose ends – life got a LOT more interesting because my mother’s wonderfully kind cousin offered me a home in London and the opportunity to continue to chase my professional dreams in the city I fell so deeply in love with dropped right back into my lap.


Last night I booked my one way flight for Sunday morning.

Well huw’d have to be MAD to say no to the opportunity to freelance in London without any worries at 25 now, wouldn’t you?


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