Return After Reading

If there’s one thing I’ve always loved it’s losing myself in a good book.


I was papped picking through a wide selection of literary delights at a fair when I was a wee nipper and could always be found with my nose buried in a new novel at the back of my mother’s aerobics classes on Digges Lane and Clarendon Street in the 1990s.

I’ve accumulated many tomes during my time on the planet but over the course of the past 12 months I’ve taken to rooting around in my local charity shops for a decent page turner.

To say I’ve been pleasantly surprised is an understatement: These unassuming little outlets are chock a block with some superb second hand reads.

And they cost next to nothing.


I’ve decided to blog about the best (and worst) books I come across on my travels through Enable Ireland and Aware‘s Phibsboro outlets (plus a few others).

Sure you never know what I might find in pursuit of an absolute gem that someone has just so happened to return after reading.

Chapter One

Chapter Two: Carrie On Candace

Chapter Three: Big Screen Bargains

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