The Big Fangirl’s Guide

Ever found yourself thinking “I’m far too old for this but I love it” while at a concert or in the middle of a really good book?


Don’t worry, there’s no need to feel mortified. I can assure you that you are most definitely NOT the only one.

Much like Peter Pan, some of us just struggle to grow up and find ourselves becoming far too excited about things we should probably have left behind at this stage.

Well, at least that’s what other people think we should have done, eh?



I, for one, am willing to embrace my inner teenage fangirl and tend to spend my days translating the hysteria about the latest big films, TV shows, musical acts and books for friends, family and colleagues.

The Big Fangirl’s Guide is the err, fruit of that, err, labour. This little series will aim to chew up all the shriek-inducing information about those indecipherable top Twitter trends and spit it back out in one handy bitesized blog post

Let’s face it, I had better do something productive with my beloved knowledge of all things ‘youthful’ before people start asking questions.

#1: The Big Fangirl’s Guide To 5 Seconds of Summer

#2: The Big Fangirl’s Guide To The Last of the Summer Movies

#3: The Big Fangirl’s Guide To Summer Reading

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