Gigabyte: Delorentos

They say it’s always a good sign when you walk into Whelan’s to find they’ve already opened the doors leading upstairs, a definite sign that the venue’s sold out. But then selling out venues is nothing new to Dublin based foursome Delorentos. Since first appearing on the scene in 2005 Delorentos have certainly made their mark on the live circuit.

My last encounter with this fearless foursome was in Whelan’s in May. A night plagued by sound malfunctions oddly enough turned out to be one of the best gigs I’d been to. Ever the professionals, despite some tech difficulties, the lads made sure the crowd were well and truly entertained, even if that meant abandoning their instruments and mingling amongst the masses. Needless to say, I walked into Whelan’s on October 17th with high enough expectations.

In the wake of the release of their sophmore effort ‘You Can Make Sound’, Delorentos loyal fan base flocked to Whelan’s. For Yourell, McGuiness, Conlan and McCormick it was evident that this night was one to remember from the moment they set foot on stage. But then again it’s not every day a little Irish band fends off competition from the likes of Madonna to reach number 2 in the album charts. Calls for the lads to “play some Shakira” (only She-Wolf kept the boys from reaching the top slot) brought a grin to bassist Níal Conlan’s face. Delorentos were most evidently un-phased.

I had been slightly disenchanted with the album being perfectly honest; having heard many of the tracks live before I felt the album had failed to capture their energy. Yet any sense of disillusion I had was swiftly eradicated as Delorentos took to the stage.

Smashing into the set with album title track ‘You Can Make Sound’ Delorentos proved why, despite the difficulties 2009 delivered, they’re still a force to be reckoned with. Stage presence is either something you have or you don’t – but tearing through a varied selection of tracks from both ‘You Can Make Sound’ and their acclaimed debut album ‘In Love With Detail’, Delorentos proved they have it. Guitar strings snapped and microphone stands rattled as Yourell, McGuiness, Conlan and McCormick gave one of the most crowd pleasing and enthusiastic performances I’ve ever witnessed.

I’ve seen Delorentos live five times and they’ve never failed to impress.

Delorentos return to Whelan’s October 30th.

Originally published October 27th 2009 in the UCD University Observer


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