Science Day to seek societal recognition

UCD Science Day must begin to fall under the jurisdiction of a recognised society in order for the annual event to continue, despite the marked success of Science Day 2010.

The University Observer understands that due to a new fundraising policy in UCD, the Science Day Committee is applying to create a Science Society. The planning of Science Day 2011 will begin as soon as the application is granted.

A key date in the UCD calendar for over 20 years, Science Day is a long-standing tradition of the Science Faculty.

The event raised over €34,000 for Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin in 2010. Science Day 2010 was an enormous success with UCD Science students cycling, ‘Jock Walking’ and dancing their way to €34,467.88 for the facility.

The proceeds were donated to the Crumlin Medical Research Foundation’s Cancer Fund, an organisation that supports the hospital’s medical research and the purchase of new equipment for the facility.

Last year’s Science Day Committee proudly presented the cheque during the summer break. UCD Students’ Union Education Officer James Williamson acted as Chair of the Committee for Science Day 2010. He said that it had been a “tough year” and that it was “great to see that all the hard work had paid off”.

Williamson attributed the success of Science Day 2010 to hard work and student support. “If the students hadn’t gotten involved with us it would have completely flopped,” he said. According to Williamson, the majority of events organised in the 09/10 campaign raised “more than we expected, with the exception of the 90s party,” which occurred in the run-up to exams.

An action packed February ensured that thousands of euro was added to the fund for the Research Foundation. In February alone students cycled to Galway, held a Graffiti Party, trekked through lectures in laboratory coats and underwear on the traditional Jock Walk, and attended the annual Science Ball.

Williamson believes that the efforts of the Committee to ensure people felt involved in Science Day were central to the campaign’s success.


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