Party People

Four DCU students have launched an online campaign to save their space on-campus.

More commonly known on Twitter as #thehampstead4, the students are battling to avoid eviction. David Gavin, Danny Kirby, Paul Smith and Steven Gilmore claim that after their bash had ended some unwelcome guests broke the door to the Hampstead Residence.

The boys were fined €3000 and told that they were to be evicted but they’re fighting back.

#savethehampstead4 is trending on Twitter, creating waves on and has even caught the eye of Kerry footballer Paul Galvin. The trend has divided the Twitterati with some claiming that the rules about parties in the Hampstead Residences were made clear at the start of the year and so the lads should have known what would happen.

The fate of the four lies in the hands of the University. Can Twitter change the trend?

Have you ever faced eviction over a party? Do you think the lads should stay or pay?

( November 2011)


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