Guilty Pleasure: Reece Mastin ‘Shout It Out’

I like to think I’m still ‘down with the kids’ when it comes to music.

Ah Jaysus Sharon

Combine Home and Away’sRhiannon Fish and Aussie X-Factor winner Reece Mastin and what do you get?

Rumours that Lincoln Lewis is single because those two allegedly hooked up and this pretty standard music video for a very good pop song.

If a song can inspire me to dance around the kitchen like a loon in my pyjamas then it’s usually a ‘choon’. It’s been a while now since Call Me Maybe took over the airwaves and I’ve been left waiting for a song that could inspire another slipper sock hop. Who’d have thought it would come from down under?

Mastin released this little beauty just in time for summer. Though, lets face it, the Aussie winter is probably proving ten times sunnier.

Video: ReeceMastinTVVevo


A ‘choon’ and someone from my favourite soap? A1 Sharon.
Here’s hoping the song will be released in Ireland soon.

Featured Image: Eva Rinaldi

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