One to Swatch

I love watches almost as much as Ireland’s favourite juvenile horologist. John Joe would be proud.

Ah Jaysus Sharon

If you’re looking for a new watch then I’d fully recommend heading down to your nearest Swatch shop.

My first watch came from the Flik Flak collection and I cherished it until the day it stopped ticking. It’s been a while since I’ve found a Swatch watch I liked but this season’s offerings were just too tempting to resist.

Watches in the Lady Stripes collection feature bright, bold colours. The pink and purple are personal favourites. I picked up one of each in an airport recently. They’re light and bright and the durable silicone wrist strap allows the skin to breathe. These watches are water resistant but that doesn’t meen they’ll survive when dunked in water.

The Lady Collection is equally eye-catching because every strap is that little bit longer. It’s a bit difficult to figure out exactly how you’re supposed to wear one of these colourful creations.

I’ve bought many…

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