Budget Bridal Basics

I like weddings, especially when they’re done on the cheap. Two beautiful young people I know got married in Stockholm on the cheap and they looked amazing. They inspired this blog post.

Ah Jaysus Sharon

If your Facebook feed is flooded with engagement announcements, you might be wondering how on earth your friends can afford to get married?

Maybe it’s just me, but a lot of people seem to be tying the knot in their early twenties with no full-time job. That’s where the internet comes in. It’s amazing what you could find online if you were trying to plan a wedding on a budget.


When it comes to the wedding dress you’ve got two types of women to deal with. The first has been planning her big day since before she could walk. Those first steps were taken with every inch of aisle-consciousness. The other hasn’t really thought about it before but will probably still stuffer from a hint of self-consciousness. I’m no weddin’ lovin’ wagon, but even I would want to feel comfortable in that…

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