Of Magic Mike and men

Sometimes I don’t like the idea of objectifying men. When I’m watching Downton Abbey it’s perfectly fine.

Ah Jaysus Sharon

Magic Mike, Steven Soderbergh’s answer to The Full Monty, is a box-office hit worldwide.

The film (which I have yet to see, I might add) stars  Step Up’s Channing Tatum, one-time Stormbreaker Alex Pettyfer and Matthew ‘something for the girls to look at’ McConaughey. The stripper flick is a hit among women and along with Fifty Shades of Grey it’s got thousands feeling the heat despite the daily downpours.

However, you’ve got to ask yourself, if the roles were reversed would we feel the same about the film? If Magic Mike was Mysterious Michelle, would it be praised and played in movie theatres?

The question is particularly topical in Dublin at the moment, where a large Abercrombie and Fitch billboard has been causing quite a stir. If a semi-naked girl were gracing the side of a building on College Green, would the women of Ireland…

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