Five Irish bands that time forgot

This kind of nostalgia NEVER gets old! Those were the days!

Ah Jaysus Sharon

Growing up in Ireland in the nineties and noughties, we witnessed the rise and fall of many of a home-grown pop star.

We were B*Witched by four girls who could dance a fine jig while those lads with no rhythm on The Late Late went on to become the key to many a life. Westside became Westlife and learned to fly without wings while Samantha Mumba traded panto in The Olympia Theatre for an ill-fated Time Machine.

YouTube: kobyopop

However, as the odd browse through YouTube reveals, they weren’t the only acts to come out of Ireland. There are other songs that we still know the lyrics to. C’est la vie isn’t the only ‘choon’ that could get us kickin the legs up in Coppers.


5. Six

YouTube: February1000

Remembered more for Nadine Coyle’s date of birth drama than their music, you could say that Six were doomed…

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