The Week In Telly feat. Crystal Swing: Love/Hate’s back and Graham Norton has the craic

Ah lads, sure it can’t be March already? Yup, it seems the year is flying in, and it’s been a busy week in telly with a few of our favourite TV shows out on the streets filming again. More on that later though! The Oscars dominated much of the week but that didn’t stop TV putting up a fair fight. New EastEnders departures, more news from Prince Michael II and a cracking episode of Graham Norton more than made up for it – it could only be The Week In Telly

It wasn’t exactly a manic Monday in telly land, what with the Oscars taking centre stage, but that stop Julia Louis-Dreyfus‘ new Veep trailer getting us in a bit of a tizzy. Bryan Cranston took time out from the Argo celebrations to dish the dirt on the Breaking Bad finale, Broken star Robert Emms joined the Beeb’s Merlin replacement, there was sad news for Doctor Who fans, BBC Three decided to take a stab at Nicholas Hoult‘s Warm Bodies and EastEnders‘ former heart throb (It’s ALL about Joey Branning now don’cha know?) decided it was time to bow out!

By Tuesday the King of Pop’s eldest son had landed himself an acting job (on a show that’s just been cancelled, burn), the lads from TOWIE were gettin classy, Lindsay Lohan was en route to Anger Management and Skins star Luke Pasqualiano was picking up a sword. We always did wonder what happened to the cast of Skins? There was a bit of bad news about Arrested Development while Jamie Bell, Alicia Silverstone and Gillian Anderson had something to tell us

Wednesday had to be the highlight of the week, what with word getting around that Nidge and the Love/Hate boys were back out filming. We were so excirah and delirah that we had a look back at the best bits so far, before holding a vigil for a Dallas style Robert Sheehan return. It was back to business as usual after that, with another big name is US comedy joining that Arrested Development Netflix miniseries, the TV stations having a bit of a barney over Adele, Baby Spice getting involved with Glee, Madness planning a bit more, err, madness and Kathy Bates teaming up with Jessica Lange. Best horror/thriller comination, EVARRR.

On Thursday we marked 15 years since the death of Dermot Morgan. We paid our respects to the sorely missed Irish comedian with 15 of our favourite Father Ted episodes (There’s only 25 of ’em in total but that doesn’t matter to us!). Ricky Gervais got ready to head back to The Office, John C. McGinley teamed up with his Scrubs creator, Love/Hate’s Tommy appeared to have avoided any permanent facial damage (phew!), Rylan Clark and Kelly Brook appeared on our TV screens and Des Bishop gave us the latest on Under the Influence, all the way from China!

And then on Friday, the cast of Downton Abbey headed off to another funeral, Simon Cowell hid in a wardrobe, we got our first look at the new series of Doctor Who and Graham Norton played the match maker with Mila Kunis and Olly Murs. If only they made em like our Graham down in Lisdoonvarna eh?

Finally, on Saturday, this happened…

Harry Styles eat your heart out. We think our Dervla‘s definitely Ireland’s answer to Taylor Swift, but sure she has a fella with road frontage already…


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