Farewell Futurama: Here are 5 Reasons we’ll miss Zapp Brannigan

In news we’ve heard about a billion times before (well once before, back in 2003), Comedy Central has made the decision to pull the plug on Futurama once and for all at the end of the current series. And there we were thinking it was doing oh so well…

EW.com revealed that the show will officially come to an end on September 4th in the good old US of A, with Season 7 marking the end of Fry, Leila and Bender’s adventures. We’re not going to wave goodbye just yet though: Sure hasn’t Matt Groening said the show might get a new home? “We have many more stories to tell”, he revealed, and said if nobody else was interested in taking on his baby, he wouldn’t be too disappointed either. “This is a really great way to go out. I think these episodes are the best ones we’ve ever done.”

I’ll be quite sad to see the series go, considering I spent most of my late teens having Zap Brannigan ‘quote offs’ with the lads in my History class. How I got through the Leaving Cert is anybody’s guess… So, while we have Kif lay out our formal shorts, here are just five reasons we’ll miss Zapp Branningan for you to y’know, mull over…

5. His charm

4. The Champaggin

3. He’s the Man With No Name

2. He’s always got a plan

1. He knows how to make love at a woman

Catch the current series of Futurama every Friday night at 7.30pm on Sky1.


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