It’s Paddy last for Ryan Dolan in Saturday’s Eurovision Song Contest

They were fairly busy in Malmo last night, as another 10 countries qualified for the Eurovision final, but all eyes were on the Song Contest organisers as the running order for the main event was revealed. And sure wouldn’t you know, Ireland’s Ryan Dolan will be the very last act to perform on the night.


Don’t be panicking now: This is actually very good news. As Eurovision logic goes, the further down the running order you are, the better. That way the voters can’t possibly forget about you, and might just consider lobbing douze points your way. They say that’s what happened to The Hump last year y’know: He was first to perform in Azerbaijan, and wound up at the wrong end of the leader board.

Judging by what we’ve seen in the Semi Finals, the second half of Saturday night’s final will be well worth a watch, while the first might prove an ideal time to boil the kettle. That said, there are some exceptions: Belgium’s been a real grower, Belarus is bringin sexy back, and Germany’s Glorious sounds rather like Loreen‘s Euphoria. It’s worth listening to Cascada belt the tune out, y’know, before Loreen and her lawyers pull a Joe Satriani. Should have stuck to Everytime We Touch love…

Hot favourites Denmark are sitting pretty at 18th, while the biggest challengers (according to the bookies) Ukraine and Norway, come in 22nd and 24th respectively. These heavy hitters will be leaving our Ryan with some hard acts to follow, but we’re sure it’s nothing the Strabane man and his bodhran toting personal trainers can’t handle. Sure maybe he’ll crack out a drum for himself, and give Malmo a night to remember?

The Eurovision Song Contest broadcasts live on RTE One and BBC One from 8.00pm on Saturday May 18th.

And remember, all kinds of everything, remind us of you.

Eurovision Song Contest 2013: Final Running Order
1. France
2. Lithuania
3. Moldova
4. Finland
5. Spain
6. Belgium
7. Estonia
8. Belarus
9. Malta
10. Russia
11. Germany
12. Armenia
13. The Netherlands
14. Romania
15. United Kingdom
16. Sweden
17. Hungary
18. Denmark
19. Iceland
20. Azerbaijan
21. Greece
22. Ukraine
23. Italy
24. Norway
25. Georgia
26 Ireland


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