Anyone fancy a Game of Crowns?

It’s made our own Jack Gleeson an international internet sensation, and thrust George RR Martin into the limelight, but who’d have thought Game of Thrones would inspire execs at TV network Bravo to order a reality show about beauty queens?

Entertainment Weekly’s TV Insider reports that the brand new show is a docu-soap, which follows six beauty pageant wives “whose lives revolve around glamor, perfection and winning at any cost – even if it means competing against their own teenage daughters… In this world of boobs, Botox and butt glue, the women pay top dollar for perfection at any price.”

They may not behead the competition or eat horse hearts (yet), but this lot are obsessed with victory, and will do anything to achieve their goals. We’re thinking they’re total Lannisters at heart…There’s no set date for the show’s debut just yet, nor any details about how long it will go on for, but we do love their working title. Here’s hoping HBO and co allow them to keep it.

I wonder if any of them will change their name to Khaleesi? Sure who’d be brave enough to challenge the mother of dragons?





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