5 reasons you should keep an eye on Catching Fire’s Sam Claflin

Meet Sam Claflin. You might remember him from such big budget movies as Pirates of The Carribean: On Stranger Tides or Snow White and The Huntsman.

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Now that he’s joined the ranks of Hunger Games heartthrobs as Finnick Odair, it’s quite likely Mr Claflin’s going to find himself accumulating a few more adoring fans. I had the chance to meet him before the Hunger Games hysteria took hold and can safely say the lad is as unassuming as they come.


So, whether you’ve gone and fallen for him already or quite simply think he’s a jolly good actor, here are 5 reasons you should keep an eye on this fella:

1. He’s relatively new to the film scene but he’s making large waves already
Claflin only made his first real foray into film in 2010/11 when he played¬†film ill-fated ‘Busby Babes’¬†footballer Duncan Edwards in United (You’ll need the tissues for that one). Since then he’s popped up in no less than three rather big movies, and he’s getting some great reviews for his performance as Finnick.

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2. He’s going to take over your cinema screens in the next 12 months
Brace yourselves for a serious dose of Claflin, he’s got quite a few flicks in the pipeline and we’re guessing this is the start of something rather big and beautiful. We’ve already highlighted Lone Scherfig’s Posh as one of our MUST SEE flicks of 2014.

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3. He’s one half of a talented couple who have the public/private thing down to a tee
Sam tied the knot (sorry) with b-e-a-u-tiful British actress Laura Haddock (The Inbetweeners Movie, Da Vinci’s Demons) earlier this year and the pair always seem to light up a red carpet. The best thing about them? They’re not headline grabbers, they’re the kind of people you’d really love to see doing well.

4. He’s the leading lad in the next big Cecelia Ahern adaptation
Claflin spent much of the summer on these here shores (Ireland, for those of you who are wondering) filming Love, Rosie. That’s the cinematic equivalent of Cecelia Ahern’s Where Rainbows End.

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5. He can do a mean Dublin accent
Anyone from Ireland will tell you that finding a foreign actor who can pull our accent off is tough. Having heard his Dublin drawl with my own ears I can confirm that Sam’s efforts warrant a heartfelt ‘deeeeadly buzz’.


Catching Fire is in Irish cinemas now.


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