Was the 2013 Toy Show the best Late Late offering in decades?

Whether it’s because you’ve been talking about it with your friends or forced to sit through it another six times by the kids this morning, last night’s Late Late Toy Show is still fresh in many minds this Saturday for all the right reasons.

Not since the days of Uncle Gaybo, Zig and Zag has the nation been so captivated (John Joe is most definitely an exception) by a Friday night offering from RTE.

Between the fella fighting for his One Direction doll in the audience (he had a murderous teenager waiting for that at home sure), Robbie Keane referring to the ladies as the ‘auld wans’ in the audience and that young wan winking right down the camera as she cycled off screen, there was no shortage of material for the masses on the Twitter machine.


For us, there were quite a few highlights on the night, most of which seem to have been picked up on by the gang at RTE. Tom, the farming enthusiast with a Toy Shed, from Tipperary had us hooked after that fantastic opening (Dick van Dyke’s been giving Ryan lessons obviously) before Ireland’s answer to Sophia Grace and Rosie arrived. We were definitely not ready for this jelly.

Destiny and Rihanna were merely setting the bar for what would be a wonderful evening, jam packed with kids who made us feel like serial underachievers. There was a lad with a ‘cyap’ who made the Healy Raes look like amateurs, a 6 year old on a harp, and a bunch of cup wielding young wans from Wexford who looked as though the strawberries wouldn’t melt in their mouths.

Never mind the gang singing it as Gaeilge from Colaiste Lurgan, these ladies had the ambition to get their tunes all the way to the Toy Show of a Friday night.

And then, of course, there was Fergal. The young fella from Cavan with ‘middle child syndrum’ took to the stage in a rather Turbidy-esque ensemble to assist with the car crash TV (literally, those kids are lethal behind or on wheels) segment. Fergal took to it like a duck to water, even remembering to bless himself when the young wan nearly came off the bike.

Sure wasn’t he like a little Derek Mooney in disguise? Fair play.

However, the night ultimately belonged to one young man: Domhnall, the football enthusiast who first came to our attention during the ‘video games’ segment. Who knew Robbie Keane could make one young man so happy? The look on his innocent little face was enough to warm the cockles of even the coldest heart.

That said, we quite simply can’t forget Mary, the brave young girl who battled leukemia while begging Ryan for her Late Late Toy Show slot. If young ladies like Mary are the future of Ireland then we’re most definitely in safe hands.


And can we also give major props to that little ‘un from the books segment. She clearly waded into School Around The Corner territory with her ribbons and revelations about people who shouldn’t get married.

Now for the tough question: What on earth will we watch next Friday night?

Opening Segment images: Andres Poveda
All other images courtesy of RTE Player


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