Eurovision 2014 Live with Lost Gent

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve been Lost Gent and you’ve been fantastic. Love you all and thanks for a wonderful night xoxo

21.59 Can you imagine if UK won? Would we ever survive the shame? xoxo

21.57 oh, maybe Blue were better #Eurovisionin5words

21.55 nearly finished for the night! It’s been a blast folks

21.55 small country, big meaningless set #Eurovisionin5words

21.53 San Marino once held the Republic of Ireland to a draw in football.

21/51 Sting would really love this #Eurovisionin5words

21.51 bit of variation this year.

21:50 The Dutch with a little country twang

21.48 Over 100 views today pals! You’re all stars! Say hi @sarahisnothere and let her know what you think!

21.47 Whistling, suits, host nation banter #Eurovisionin5words

21.46 Sounds like a millions other songs, but for some reason that’s not a bad thing

21.45 Dansk nu! Very Bruno Mars

21.44 Everyone seems to be rocking the beards this year

21.42 Coming home to Malta and Sons #Eurovisionin5words

21.41 Like it already! Gwan Malta ye mad yokes!

21.38 Running, running, running, rubik’s cubes #Eurovisionin5words

21.35 6 to go chaps! Thanks to all those who’ve joined me over the past few minutes!

21.32 Wanted cheese, got whistling instead… #Eurovisionin5words

21.30 wet hair, Sinatra’s was better #Eurovisionin5words

21.29 You’d think they’d fix that roof…

21.27 Loving that silver suit. Finland are a surprise

21.25 Great song, better ice flag #Eurovisionin5words

21.23 Angry lady with a flute #Eurovisionin5words

21.18 Slovenia, well that’s… well

21.16 Graham Norton never shouts out to me… I’m not mad on salad btw Italy… you might want to rethink that for next year, I am the most important judge after all…

21.15 Sure we’re nearly there folks! Hope you’re sufficiently merry at this stage!

21.12 There’s something a little creepy about this…

21.10 I can see what people meant about being a little ill watching this. I haven’t seen a single still shot. It’s all zoooooom or paaaaan.

21.08 Welcome to French Canada! Would you like a moustache?

21:06 The Ginge is singing along. I’d be totes morto, if I knew what that meant

21:05 Here we go… Sverige!

21:04 Well Germany have a great shot at the World Cup but maybe not the Eurovision. Now we’re ‘enjoying’ some random facts…

21.00 Want to say a big thanks to the one person who’s reading the blog. You’re the best random person!

20:58 Time for pints! Of Erdinger! Mein Gott! It’s Germany!

20:56 Kinda reminds me of a Bond song, like early Bond songs, when they were still good. Proper License to Kill shtuff

20:55 Wooo! Don’t care what anyone says. She’s gorgeous! Austria has really gotten the crowd going! Gwan!

20:53 Now there’s a gimmick that would have you jumping for joy…

20:51  Given all the unrest in Greece, is it the best policy to be sending someone who’s yelling RISE UP?

20.50 These have got to be strong contenders! Even Pope JohnPaul II would approve!

20.48 That cheer from half the audience was for yer wan churning the butter on the stage btw…

20:47 Hello… ladies

20:45 I’ve heard only good things about Poland. Long suffering boyfriends should wake up now…

20:43 You could be listening to the soundtrack to Titanic or some Enya maybe… Either way it’s Montenegro!

20.40 He looks like half the cast in The Walking Dead and not the alive ones…

20:37 Armenia up next and it’s awful. Should I say more? Probably.

20:35 The piano is still playing even though he’s stopped playing it….

20:33 Romania is up next! With Bulgaria and Croatia it’s the newest countries in the EU

20:31 You know what he’s got a really delicate voice for a burly lad!

20:30 The first Scandinavian country in the competition. Love Norge just as much as Dansk and Sverige

20:28 We need these lads in the EU, can you imagine how much craic our elections would be?

20:27 Love Iceland, what a bunch of lads 🙂 they’ve an MP on stage btw

20:26 Think I’m turning into my mother… All I’m thinking is what happens if yer one falls 😦

20:25 Wow, that flag yoke was awesome 😮 Anyone else hoping that Azerbaijan would sing ‘We didn’t start the fire’?

20:21 Belarus means White Russia! I’ll add in these odd facts as often as I get bored

20:20 man I’m really hungry for cheesecake. OM NOM NOM

20:15 nothing but complaints about her being out of tune here in the house, I think she’s alright, jeez leave her be!

20:14 Time and year, hamster wheel and Ukraine. She looks like that dress is too big for her

20:10 Well?

20:07 Join Us? One of us… One of us…

20:06 No shot at the World Cup, guess this is the next best thing for Denmark. Jag alskar dig 🙂

20;05 Just smacked my head off an open cupboard door… It’s all coming up Milhouse!

20:00 Just so we’re all clear, this blog supports Sweden…

19:57 Why haven’t the UK sent Dale Winton to the Eurovision? He’s only swept away my heart. – Gent

19:55 But sure there’s nothing on the television before the Eurovision. We’re watching the lotto draw… The action never stops at the Ginger house!

19:50 I’m gone from the laptop 5 minutes and she butts in! There’s no saving me tonight


Here’s a nice cheesecake one.

Don’t forget, I’m over on the Twitter machine trying to avoid getting myself kicked off before the voting begins.

19:45 I’ve been told I can’t use acronyms on the Ginge’s wordpress blog, just fyi…

19:40 Make sure you’ve your pints/shots ready for the night ahead. If Ireland’s entry were anything to go by… you’ll need it.

Don’t forget to click refresh to update by the way, I know you all struggle with these computer yokes

19:35 There’s always Winning Streak if worst comes to worst.

19:34 I’m getting pensive, and it’s not the beer talking, how on earth have I fallen so far? – Gent

19:31 and the nagging starts… Ginger is already pointing out my mistakes… Wooo!

19:30 Anyone else wonder what the hell I’m doing here? I’m regretting this a lot already and it hasn’t even started. – Gent

19:30 It’s all getting real here in the Ginger household. Don’t forget to follow the rolling tweets from yer wan @sarahisnothere on the Twitter. – Gent

19:15 Evening all, I’m Lost Gent and I’ll be your host for the night ahead.


Hope you’re as excited and cynical as I am. There will be comments from that Ginger throughout so hang on to your top hats.


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