Pilou Asbæk is the Eurovision host we’ve all been waiting for

If there was one thing about Eurovision 2014 that got people talking it was the fact that the Danes had drafted in Kasper Juul from Borgen to help host it.

Pilou Asbæk seemed an odd choice at the time but after watching him in action, I think it’s safe to say he’s making a VERY entertaining stab at it.

pilousssThe highly acclaimed actor (check out his list of achievements, it’s pretty impressive) is clearly relishing his time at the helm of the show and certainly giving his more experienced co-hosts Lise and Nikolaj a run for their money.

Well, Ron always was more appealing than Harry and Hermione, wasn’t he? (I’m going to milk that successful Twitter joke for everything it’s worth lads, sorry.)


It’s a little bit difficult NOT to fall under his spell as he rasps his way through the links with the jubilant attitude of a small child on Christmas morning. Asbaek knows that Eurovision is a party the world loves, AND loves to hate, and he’s rightly treating it as such.

That’s not surprising, given that it’s PRECISELY what he told the Guardian he’d do during a rather endearing interview published earlier this week. It’s one of those little reads that can, in the words of Queen Sanna herself, undo your sad.

Asbæk’s Twitter feed is almost as entertaining as the show itself, featuring snaps of the actor and his co-hosts getting down with their bad selves backstage and in the audience.

Special mention must be given to Nikolaj for this wonderfully insightful offering.

TOO TRUE NIK. TOO TRUE. If only SHE could have represented Ireland, eh? It’d have been douze points all round.

Sure would’ja LOOK at her?


Now, don’t get me wrong, he’s no Petra Mede (Sweden, I tip my hat to you) but it’s safe to say Pilou is winning hearts across the ECB.

Who knew Kasper Juul could be so utterly loveable?


Catch Pilou and co. in action during the Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final this Saturday night on RTÉ One and BBC One from 8pm GMT/9pm CET.

You can also stream the whole show online via eurovision.tv


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