Shane Lynch’s glorious beard stole the show on Children In Need

One Direction may have performed on a bridge in Albert Square and S Club 7 may have reformed but it was Shane Lynch’s Boyzone beard that had everyone talking about Children In Need last night.


The Dubliner took to the stage with his bandmates to perform The Four Tops’ classic Reach Out and his facial hair made sure its presence was felt.

Lynch is no stranger to fabulous fluff: He’s been growing the mammoth creation for quite a few months now and it previously caught the eye of TV viewers before the summer.

However, it really came to the fore this evening as Lynch and the lads belted out one of the offerings from their new covers album, From Dublin to Detroit.


The beard wasn’t the only body part doing the hard work though. Keith Duffy’s shoulder was droppin’ it like it was hot, wha?



Did anyone else watching feel a sense of déjà vu? If you’re Irish you might have found yourself transported back to The Late Late Show circa 1994.

Either way, the boys ended their set in true boyband fashion.

boybandperfectionTop that 1D. Top that.

And fair play to the people of the United Kingdom, who raised a record total of £32,620,469 for the charity.

For more information about Children In Need and how to donate head to the official website.


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