Disney’s live-action Cinderella trailer is a magical must-see

From King in the North to handsome prince, Richard Madden has scrubbed up to take the lead opposite the charming Lily James (Rose from Downton Abbey) in Disney’s live-action Cinderella.


The much anticipated film, directed by Kenneth Brannagh, dropped its first trailer this afternoon and it’s nothing short of magical.

For example, would you just LOOK at those glass slippers.


That SPIN.


That carriage and ballroom entrance.


And of course, “DAT PRINCE THO”.


It’s far from The Red Wedding that lad has come.

Oh and if you’re a Downton fan then you’ll be delighted to spot Daisy (Sophie McShera) making an appearance alongside Holiday Grainger as an ugly stepsister.

Hollywood heavyweight Cate Blanchett goes ginger (can I get a whoop whoop?) to take on the role of Cinders’ evil step-mother.


She told me she was very excited about the role when I had the pleasure of interviewing her last year and it looks as though she’ll play a blinder.


Stepping into the shoes of the fairy godmother with gusto is Helena Bonham Carter.¬†She’s known for giving memorable performances on screen and already makes quite the impression in this first look at the film.

Make a date in your diary: Cinderella is due in cinemas in March 2015.

And as for leading lady Lily James? Well, it’ll be far from the Abbey that Disney princess in the making travels after this one hits our screens.


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