Primark Penguin Haul : Ppppick up a Penneys Penguin


Monty the John Lewis penguin has an awful lot to answer for because I haven’t been able to take my eyes off all things penguin related since his heartbreaking tale hit TV screens.

It’s REAL love lads, it’s REAL.


Penneys (that’s Primark to all of you outside Ireland) has quite the range of precious penguins in store at the moment and I’ve fallen head over heels for each and every one of them, much to the dismay of my bank balance.

The first little item that got me in a flap was a delightful vanilla penguin candle. The ceramic creation was a bit of a bargain at €3 and, after watching Monty pine for a companion, I couldn’t help but ppppick up a partner.

These guys may serve as handy little ring pots when their candles burn out.

These guys may serve as handy little ring pots when their candles burn out. [€3 each]

Then it was on to the pyjama section (who doesn’t love a fresh fluffy pair of Penneys PJs of a wet and windy Friday evening?) where there were two pairs of fleecy penguin patterned ones to choose between.

I opted for the pair with penguins on the bottoms, even though I was a little worried about the fact that they were bright white.


They’re so nice I’m almost too scared to wrap up in them. [€10]

The alternative was a red and grey combination, with a penguin on the top and snowflakes falling down the legs of the trousers. At €10 you really couldn’t go wrong either way.

Fast forward a week and I found myself back in again, this time admiring an adorable little hot water bottle. There are some rather cute winter warmers in the store at the moment (including a dog and an owl version) and at €6 they won’t break the bank.


He still needs a name. I’m thinking Percy. [€6]

Speaking of heat, I also nabbed this cosy little hand warmer for a mere €1.50. I suffer quite badly with Reynaud’s Syndrome in the cold so hopefully it’ll help me avoid an outbreak during a cold snap.

With winter comforts still on the brain, I turned my attention back to the Home shelves. They’re constantly being stocked with great new Christmas gifts including owl salt and pepper shakes, brilliantly creative breakfast sets and more crafty candles than you could shake a matchstick at.

I'll never have an excuse to feel cold this winter.

I’ll never have an excuse to feel cold this winter. [€3! & €1.50]

However, it was yet another penguin creation that caught my eye (damn it Monty, that’s some marketing) and I picked up a cup (I should say mug but it doesn’t rhyme) for just €3. It said €4 on the label so, as you can imagine, I was delighted with myself when it rang through at €3 on the till.

A quick root around the beauty accessories department revealed yet another ppppriceless gem: A little compact mirror only set me back a nifty €1.50.

I can now carry a penguin in my pocket on a daily basis.

I can now carry a penguin in my pocket on a daily basis. [€1.50]

Overall, it was quite the haul and I’m honestly not sure what to do with it all. Except blame John Lewis and marvellous little Monty for the gulf in my bank account and the guilt in my heart.

T’is the season, after all.



3 responses to “Primark Penguin Haul : Ppppick up a Penneys Penguin

  1. I love that ad so much!! I almost sobbed the first time watching it!! I love your penguin inspired items though, I’m very tempted to head over to Pennys right now and get some of my own! 😀 xx

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