Here’s the moment Ed Sheeran stole Irish hearts on the Late Late Toy Show

The Late Late Toy Show is a magical Irish institution that tends to bring the country to a standstill but this year’s edition brought the people of Ireland to their knees and there’s only one man to blame.

Ed Sheeran.


The singer jetted in to Dublin to surprise 11-year-old fan Aimee Keogh and surprise her he did.

In fact, he left the nation blissfully stunned as he sang with her (twice) and offered to fly her and her family to London to see him live in concert.




Twitter quite frankly couldn’t cope with his generosity and when a snap of the pair backstage appeared online it went into meltdown.

It’s safe to say Ed, who previously sang down the phone to a brave young Irish fan named Triona as she passed away, has firmly placed himself smack bang in the middle of the hearts of the Irish people.


What a gent.


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