An Irish redhead in London : The Long March

PrivetDrive Well hello there dear readers. It’s been a while but, believe it or not, I am still alive and kicking.

I haven’t found the time to blog for a few weeks because I’ve been busy working away at, waxing lyrical about everything from superfandom to women in Star Wars, Watership Down to Irish and UK YA, and even Doctor Who.

In fact, I’ve made it through most of series one and two of NuWho (the revival) and even presented the Top Ten Countdown with twenty seconds notice. That’s why I look utterly exhausted, despite being elated to have the opportunity to do it.

Meanwhile, I’ve moved into a great new flat and fully settled into London life. Sadly though, my new beginning coincided with a very sad goodbye: My beloved dog Oz passed away earlier this month and I was left utterly heartbroken.


If you’re familiar with my blog posts and general love of canines, you’ll know that my 14-year-old dalmatian cross Oz is/was basically the most precious and cherished thing in my life. My number one man, he was my baby brother and so much more than just a pet.

581168_10150634731300887_1028225941_n (1)

Oz was my partner in crime and the very best friend I could ever have asked for.

Part of me wanted to write a massive blog post after his passing but I ultimately opted to let my sleeping dog lie while I came to terms with what had happened.

I was in the office when mum rang to tell me he’d been diagnosed with liver failure and a suspected tumor, yet remained somewhat calm when she told me there was nothing they could do.

The five days between the diagnosis and his passing were among the most surreal and bizarre. I had great support from an old friend but it was a new rather special one huw really came through in the most simple yet incredibly supportive and effective way.

There’s nothing like pulling Ron Weasley faces in a grounded flying car to help you cope with unbearable grief.

I said goodbye to Oz on March 15th and my inspiring little pal Rosita (the dog on wheels) just seven days later. They say life changes in the blink of an eye but it’s not until it happens that you realise they’re right. Whoever they are.


The show must go on though and I’m very fortunate to have a wonderful London support network to help me keep chugging along. My flatmates are fabulous and my friends and family as dependable as ever.

Plus, I kinda have a rather brilliant boyfriend huw’s made what could have been a horrid few weeks that little bit brighter and a lot better than I could have imagined they’d be.


Now that I’m a little more settled, I’ll hopefully have time to blog and vlog more regularly again. I may even find a spare minute to resurrect the YouTube channel I convinced myself I’d finally relaunch properly in February.

I’m currently enjoying a little more free time and I’ll be doing a lot more exploring, thinking and musing than I have been in the past month.

So keep your eyes peeled and your ears open because I have an incredibly long list of things to talk about and if I’m not doing it elsewhere, you know I’ll be doing it here.

Until April, I’ll leave you in peace with a simple warning: Something wicked this way comes.


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