X Factor Big Band Week: Big Bland Week


When it comes to separating the X Factor wheat from the chaff, nothing beats a great big brass band playing live in the studio.

That’s what the producers rolled out this week, much to the delight of Dermot O’Leary fans who were treated to several doses of the host’s dancing throughout the evening.

Sure how could he keep those fierce fancy feet still when the whole room was swinging?

Speaking of swinging, one Mr Cowell was clearly determined to swing the vote in favour of his acts from the off. Or towards the octoband that will surely make Syco millions in eau de toilette sales this Christmas.

Lest we forget, they suffered a stage invasion last week and only had 24 hours to sing this week’s song. Poor pets.


Cowell could be in real trouble this Sunday night. Fleur East may have made a decent stab at a big band version of Bang Bang but last week’s star, Ben Haenow, couldn’t do a Bublé.

Even Stevi Ritchie lacked the energy his delightfully dire performances need to stand out. And as for Jay James?

Well, Twitter said it best.

Who’ll go home? After tonight it’s anyone’s guess. It was all a little less big band a little more big bland.

Save for Dermo’s deadly dancing. Obviously.


Who nailed it?

They’ve been at the bottom of my leader board for weeks on end but Only The Young upped the ante by handing the lead vocals to the lads.

Who sailed it?

The feesh were jumping and the cot-tan was dry as Andrea Faustini belted out Summertime. He overdid it on the ‘ays’ though. If he’d gone a bit eas-ay-ay-ay-er he’d have been fine.

In the words of one Louis Walsh, she looked like a pop star, she sounded like a pop star, she was a pop star. Lauren Platt was finally back in the competition. Even if she did need a good push in the middle.

He’s not a bad singer but it’s becoming rather hard to like Jay James. His New York State of Mind/New York New York mashup wasn’t awful, but it did feel a tad karaoke.

Another 24 hour song change gave Stereo Kicks the sob story they needed this week. Their take on Mack The Knife wasn’t terrible but it didn’t live up to the Westlife cover.

He stole the show with his acapella Man In The Mirror last week but Ben Haenow couldn’t eclipse Bublé’s version of Cry Me A River. The lad was lacking the full tones the tune required but still gave it a good go.

She turned a corner with Bang Bang at judges’ houses but trying to make it a big band classic was a bit of a push too far for Fleur East. She did a decent enough job though.

Who failed it?

I’ve spent weeks singing his praises but sadly, I think we reached ‘Peak Stevi‘ tonight.


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