YA novels you can’t go wrong with this Christmas

‘Tis almost the season to be jolly and with November drawing to close I’m looking ahead to the books that’ll happily slot into Christmas stockings over the course of the festive season.


I’ve always believed that novels are among the BEST Christmas presents you can give someone but finding a decent one can prove tricky. Never fear, that’s why I’m here to offer my two cents on the Young Adult novels you can’t go wrong with this year.

From literary gems by established authors like John Green and Rainbow Rowell to exciting new offerings from newcomers Louise O’Neill, Sally Green and indeed, Zoe Sugg, there’s no shortage of novels to choose from.

Many of them are due to hit cinema screens at some point in the not too distant future so you’d better get around to reading them pronto if you want to get a taste of the original tales.

And of course, for every YA novel I’ve already read there’s another that I want to pop on my own Christmas wish list.

The list of books I want is almost as long as the list of ones I’ve bought but have yet to read though, so I’ve got a LONG way to go before Santa Claus comes to town.


Just half of the books I need to read.

This is the last YA Friday video I’ll be serving up for a while but that doesn’t mean I’m done with books. Oh no. In fact, we’ve only just begun.

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow the blog throughout December because I’ve got a few special things up my sleeve for you all.

Until then, as always, happy reading.

P.S That Rainbow Rowell book I couldn’t remember the name of? It’s called Landline and you’ll find everything you need to know about it on Goodreads.


  • Anything by John Green // Goodreads
  • Anything by Rainbow Rowell // Goodreads
  • The Hunger Games Trilogy – Suzanne Collins // Goodreads
  • The Divergent Trilogy – Veronica Roth // Goodreads
  • The Maze Runner Trilogy – James Dashner // Goodreads
  • Only Ever Yours – Louise O’Neill // Goodreads
  • Half Bad – Sally Green (Sent to me for review) // Goodreads
  • We Were Liars – E Lockhart // Goodreads
  • The Iron Trial – Holly Black and Cassandra Clare // Goodreads
  • Girl Online – Zoe Sugg // Goodreads

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